The Rennie Team (1 + 1 = 3)

Rennie’s sum is truly greater as a result of its individual parts. From each individual’s daily efforts and for each of our corporate and consumer clients, we create accountability amongst ourselves, to live up to our collective brand and consistently deliver. Our team goal? To continue to build A Better Company from within.


  • Bob Rennie

    Bob Rennie

    Executive Director, Founder

    The founder of Rennie, Bob Rennie is recognized for his leadership in envisioning new and innovative strategies in development risk management and marketing real estate, leading to landmark projects such as restructuring the Olympic Village and Woodward’s, a development in Canada’s poorest postal code. The company has had over $6 billion in project sales on behalf of clients since 2004, with over $720 million in 2014 alone. An acknowledged expert on the local economy, Bob’s annual address at the Urban Development Institute’s AGM has become an industry bellwether.

    Also known for having built a world renowned collection of contemporary art, Bob chairs the North American Acquisitions Committee at Tate Modern, is a member of the Tate International Council, serves as trustee for the Art Institute of Chicago and is the recipient of the Queen’s Diamond and Golden Jubilee awards, the Order of BC and a doctorate from Emily Carr University. He renovated and restored Wing Sang, the oldest structure in Chinatown, to include a privately funded museum space with regular exhibitions of works from Rennie Collection. All exhibitions are open to the public with free admission three days a week.

  • Rennie Collection Carey Fouks

    Carey Fouks

    Principal, Rennie Collection
  • Kris Rennie

    Kris Rennie

  • JoshHeppner_Candid_Tile

    Josh Heppner

    Vice President, Digital

    Joining Rennie Group in early 2015, Josh Heppner is Vice President of Digital and oversees all operations related to digital strategy and technology. He is also Chief Executive Officer of Pendo, a subsidiary company of Rennie Group that provides property management software to landlords.

    Over the past 15+ years, Josh has held senior positions in tech, media, and real estate which made him a natural fit for his role at Rennie. He was instrumental in creating the industry’s first lead management platform and service, growing a few local Vancouver real estate offices into Canada’s largest real estate brokerage with over $9.6B in annual sales and transforming the oldest real estate publishing company in Canada into a digitally focused enterprise. Throughout his previous roles, Josh’s focus has always been to elevate the customer’s experience as they make the most important purchasing decision of their life.

    For Josh—who lives and loves what he does—it’s essential to be around people who share his drive, which is why he counts joining the team at Rennie among his greatest achievements. He views the culture at Rennie as key to maintaining the company’s role as an innovator in the real estate industry. “As a company, Rennie understands that we need to invest in our people to ensure our clients’ success,” he says, “We continually build on the core values that have made Rennie a successful organization, and we are never afraid to reinvent ourselves to remain on the cutting edge. We are excited to continue helping people buy and sell real estate with the use of more—and better—technology than ever before.”

  • Tracie McTavish

    Tracie McTavish

    Executive Director Rennie Marketing Systems

    Tracie McTavish, Executive Director of Rennie Marketing Systems, has a real estate career that spans 40 years, including five years in a leadership role at Concord Pacific. Since joining Rennie, he has been second in command to Bob Rennie, with whom he has had a harmonious relationship for the past 35 years.

    During his 12-year tenure here, Tracie has guided not only the growth of Rennie as a company, but also the evolution of Vancouver as a city. “Today,” he says, “Rennie is a bigger, faster, and smarter company than it was when I first started.” Likewise, Vancouver has witnessed a revolution in real estate “from the old age of very little strata, to strata becoming an accepted style of living,” he explains, “as well as to transit-centered development as a means of attacking affordability. Shifts in thinking like these can take decades, but Vancouver has made them quickly, because it has grown so fast, and Rennie has helped ease and lead that transition.”

    Rennie has a reputation for staying ahead of the curve, something for which Tracie credits a vibrant corporate culture that fosters the career growth of younger employees. He describes Rennie as a place that thrives due to the dynamic energy of its employees, “who are making great contributions at Rennie today and will one day be our succession plan.” Another twelve years down the road, he sees the company as “a 50-year-old Vancouver cornerstone, providing guidance on design, marketing and sales at unprecedented levels.”

    When he’s not at Rennie, Tracie – who is also an ardent car collector – can be found with family, biking, or running and possibly gearing up to participate in another triathlon or golfing.

  • Greg Zayadi

    Greg Zayadi

    Senior Vice President, Rennie Marketing Systems

    Senior Vice President of Rennie Marketing Systems, Greg Zayadi, recently returned to Rennie after working on the developer side for the last six years. In his executive role at the company, he advises clients throughout every stage of development, from acquisitions and site planning, to development design, right through project marketing and sales.

    Since the early 2000s, Zayadi has worked with some of the top players in the Vancouver real estate industry, including Concord Pacific, Onni and Anthem Properties. As such, he has been a key player in the construction of some of Vancouver’s finest landmarks: he stood atop the Shangri-La as it was being built, walked the rooftops of the Fairmont Pacific when it was under construction, observed the Beach Crescent towers go up from the shore of False Creek. “It’s phenomenal,” says Zayadi, “To drive around Vancouver and to know that you stood on top of buildings or participated in planning different neighbourhoods.”

    He believes Rennie to be an ideal vantage from which to watch—and shape—the next 10 years of real estate in Vancouver, because “Rennie understands the business of real estate and knows what developers need to be successful, well beyond the scope of the average sales and marketing company. I’m looking forward to growing with this company, as we support an exciting new crop of developers as they grow and develop Vancouver and beyond over the next few decades.”

  • Vincent Tang

    Vincent Tang

    Vice President of Brokerage Services, Rennie & Associates Realty

    During his 20-year tenure at Rennie & Associates Realty, Vincent Tang has worked his way up the ranks from project assistant to his current roles as Managing Director and Managing Broker. Today, he oversees the daily operations of the brokerage and supervises the team of Real Estate Advisors, ensuring that Rennie provides the best service available in the real estate industry.

    One of two original realtors at Rennie & Associates Realty, Vincent has witnessed—and influenced—the brokerage’s growth to its current 120+ agents. Because his career grew in tandem with Rennie’s expansion, he has observed the ins and outs of every level of the company, making him a team leader who has stood in the metaphorical shoes of those he leads.

    In fact, Vincent counts his longevity at Rennie, and within the real-estate industry, among his top career achievements. Prior to shifting his career focus to the executive level at Rennie, he also held the distinction of multiyear qualification for the REBGV’s Medallion Club, which honours the top 10 per of all Metro Vancouver realtors.

    Vincent sees Rennie’s focus on its employees as integral to its achievement, crediting founder Bob Rennie with garnering his employees’ loyalty by treating them like family. Like Bob, he views each member of the team as an important contributor to the company’s success. “No matter what their position,” he says, “Everybody at Rennie deserves to be treated with equal respect.” Vincent believes the same to be true of Rennie’s customers: “Whether they are selling or purchasing a $200,000 property or a $200,000,000 property, all of our clients deserve the same service and respect.”

  • Rennie Larry Van Hatten

    Larry Van Hatten

    Chief Financial Officer

    Larry Van Hatten assumed the position of CFO at Rennie Marketing Systems in 2010, after having provided the company with financial services for 30 years as a consultant.

    He earned his degree as a Chartered Accountant (now CPA) in 1975 and was elected a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCPA) in 2009. In 2010, he completed the academic requirements for the Directors Education Program.

    Prior to taking on his current role at Rennie, he was assurance leader of Ernst & Young’s Vancouver practice, and he was managing partner of Ellis Foster preceding its merger with Ernst & Young. Larry remains a director of various public and private boards, and colleagues praise Larry’s “innovative prospectives on income tax and business challenges.”

    Larry believes that success comes with the responsibility of giving back to his community. He was on the board of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation for ten years, functioning as Board Chair from 1996 to 1999. Larry says he, “enjoys everything I do, and simply wouldn’t do anything I didn’t enjoy.” His position at Rennie gratifies him, because he is inspired by the “passionate motivated people” that work here. He credits this team with ensuring that the company remains “an industry leader that brings innovation to real estate.”

  • Kevin Wong

    Kevin Wong

    Executive Director of Operations, Rennie Marketing Systems Rennie Group

    Executive Director of Operations at Rennie Marketing Systems, Kevin Wong, has been with Rennie for 19 years, since the early days of the company, when he first began building the management team and workforce at Rennie to become the tight-knit and formidable team that it is today.

    Kevin found his way to the real estate industry via his first career in hotel management. He was working at the Fairmont Waterfront when he met Bob Rennie, then a guest at the hotel. Kevin eventually switched to a career in human resources, and he offered Bob Rennie some advice about employee management at a chance meeting. In exchange, he was offered a position at Rennie.

    Both Kevin’s long tenure at Rennie and his gregarious nature ensure that he is well-informed about—and deeply invested in—each member of the team. Colleagues warn that “Kevin’s energy is highly contagious,” and he acknowledges, “I may have the most unique role in the company, but I don’t take it for granted. I love the fact that I am responsible for keeping morale high every day, and that I foster careers and connections within the company.”

    Kevin lives by the words, “Balance is not something you find—it’s something you create,” and he guides employees at Rennie towards this balance and the joy in their work.

  • AndyRamlo_Candid_Tile (1)

    Andrew Ramlo

    Vice President, Market Intelligence Rennie Marketing Systems

    As Vice President of Rennie Intelligence, Andrew leads Rennie Group’s Market Intelligence division, providing analytical and strategic support to all aspects of the company. For more than two decades, Andrew has provided strategic management advice to leading real estate developers, investors, retailers and consumers, as well as to many of Canada’s most rapidly changing municipalities, crown corporations and public agencies.

    In his role as Executive Director of the Urban Futures Institute, he conducts research on topics ranging from labour force change and human resource management to community planning and residential market analysis. Andrew also provides intelligence and analytical support throughout the development process.

  • HubertWat_Candid_Tile

    Hubert Wat

    Vice President, Marketing Rennie Group
  • JenniferPodmoreRussell_Candid_Tile

    Jennifer Podmore Russell

    Vice President, Portfolio Services Rennie Group

    Jennifer has earned a reputation within the industry for her ability to craft, articulate and execute complex real estate strategies. Over the past decade, she has successfully built and managed a real estate consultancy that focused on disseminating information and analytics into actionable intelligence for clients in both the public and private sectors. Jennifer brings an invaluable combination of skillsets, including her network of real estate-industry professionals, her ability to analyze and assess land valuation, her understanding of deal structures and her ability to map strategic transactions. Most notably, Jennifer is called upon by key industry and public sector leaders to assess risk and structure real estate transactions in a manner addressing the often competing priorities of certainty, risk mitigation, ownership and, of course, value extraction.

  • ChristianGradley_Candid_Tile

    Christian Gradley

    Vice President, Capital Services Rennie Group
  • AshleyWillardBauman_Candid_Tile

    Ashley Willard Bauman

    Senior Project Director, Rental Services / Business Development Rennie Group

    With a real estate career spanning 17 years, 14 countries including China, Australia, United States, and France and over $2 billion in revenue, Ashley has proven herself to be an expert in planning and marketing world-class neighbourhoods, resorts, purpose-built rental buildings, and commercial developments. At Rennie, she applies her leadership experience to purpose-built rental projects and to the growth of markets outside the Lower Mainland.

    Ashley has played a leadership role in the successful marketing and pre-leasing of over 750 new rental units, and has played leadership roles in many master planned communities including Wesbrook Village UBC, Tsawwassen Springs, the University District Calgary, as well as more than 12 resort communities.


  • Deren Akinci

    Deren Akinci

    Director of Marketing Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Angie Au

    Angie Au

    Accounting Coordinator Finance
  • Anna Alonzo

    Anna Bamba

    Conveyance Coordinator Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Rennie Collection Morgan Bath

    Morgan Bath

    Exhibition Technician Rennie Collection
  • RyanBerlin_Candid_Tile

    Ryan Berlin

    Senior Economist Rennie Group
  • Rennie Jack Bernard

    Jack Bernard

    Project Sales Director Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Rennie Collection Roy Caussy

    Roy Caussy

    Exhibition Technician Rennie Collection
  • DebbieChahal_Candid_Tile

    Debbie Chahal

    Manager of Team Development Human Resources
  • Wendy Chang

    Wendy Chang

    Director, Rennie Collection Rennie Collection
  • Mimi Chen

    Mimi Chen

    Project Manager Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Jonathan Cheung

    Jonathan Cheung

    Senior Project Manager Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Jennifer Chu

    Jennifer Chu

    Project Coordinator Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Brittany Dawson

    Brittany Dawson

    Manager of Project Conveyance Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Cemre Demiralp

    Cemre Demiralp

    Museum Manager Rennie Collection
  • Yalda Etessam

    Yalda Etessam

    Marketing & Communications Coordinator Rennie Marketing Systems
  • KarliFahlman_Candid_Tile (1)

    Karli Fahlman

    Project Coordinator Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Rennie Angela Farry

    Angela Farry

    Project & Data Analyst Rennie Group
  • NatalieGenest_Candid_Tile (1)

    Natalie Genest

    Project Sales Director Rennie Marketing Systems
  • May Globus

    May Globus

    Senior Marketing & Communications Manager Rennie Group
  • Rennie Christina Halfnights

    Christina Halfnights

    Conveyance Coordinator Rennie & Associates Realty
  • TomHaveland_Candid_Tile

    Tom Haveland

    Social Media & Content Coordinator Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Victoria Hildebrand

    Victoria Hildebrand

    Conveyance Coordinator Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Sarah Hill

    Sarah Hill

    Director of Property Management Rennie Group
  • Kim Ho

    Kim Ho

    Office Administrator Administration
  • Diana Kim

    Diana Kim

    Marketing Coordinator Rennie & Associates Realty
  • Sylvia Kim

    Sylvia Kim

    Executive Assistant Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Amy Kuan

    Amy Kuan

    Project Manager Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Rennie Lettitia Lai

    Lettitia Lai

    Conveyance Coordinator Rennie & Associates Realty
  • Rennie Alex Lapitski

    Alex Lapitski

    Project Manager Rennie Group
  • Bernadette Leno

    Bernadette Leno

    Accounting Coordinator Finance
  • Norina Lew

    Norina Lew

    Director of Finance Finance
  • JustineLoo_Tile

    Justine Loo

    Conveyance Manager & Assoc. Managing Broker Rennie & Associates Realty
  • DavidMagnan_Candid_Tile

    David Magnan

    Director of Sales, Alberta Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Christy Martin

    Christy Martin

    Accounting Manager Finance
  • Rennie Jocelyn McKinney

    Jocelyn McKinney

    Conveyance Coordinator Rennie & Associates Realty
  • Sarah McNeil

    Sarah McNeil

    Project Coordinator Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Jenn Mesina

    Jennifer Mesina

    Studio Manager Alright Studio
  • Sonya Ng

    Sonya Ng

    Project Manager Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Rennie Chris Ong

    Chris Ong

    Conveyance Coordinator Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Rennie Jennie Sebastian

    Jennie Sebastian

    Digital Marketing & CRM Manager Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Rennie Andy Seto

    Andy Seto

    Director, Sales Systems Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Gerald Soong

    Gerald Soong

    Associate Managing Broker Rennie & Associates Realty
  • ChristinaSung_Candid_Tile (1)

    Christina Sung

    Project Manager Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Miro Svetik

    Miro Svetik

    Information Systems Specialist Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Darlene Tandon

    Darlene Tandon

    Design Manager Alright Studio
  • Regina U

    Regina U

    Intermediate Accountant Finance
  • Rennie Collection Erin Watkins

    Erin Watkins

    Collection Administrator Rennie Collection
  • Marcus Wong

    Marcus Wong

    Accounting Coordinator Finance
  • Sarah Wong

    Sarah Wong

    Executive Assistant Rennie Marketing Systems
  • Victoria Yuen

    Victoria Yuen

    Corporate Accountant Finance
  • Rennie Marketing Systems Chantal Zhang

    Chantal Zhang

    Project Director Rennie Marketing Systems