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Become a Rennie Advisor

The Rennie team is comprised of 125+ Advisors and growing. Here, we believe in the power of the collective. We work together to achieve the best results for our clients.

Rennie is not a place to simply hang your real estate license. Our brokerage typically hires only one in five applicants – we seek out team members who align with our values and work ethic.

Who You Are

You are a licensed Realtor. You are motivated and detail-oriented, but also patient and empathetic. A self-starter and team player, you invest in yourself and your colleagues. When it comes to gaining knowledge, building relationships and cultivating business, you put clients first. You add value to lives of others. You strive to be better every day.

The Independent Rennie Advisor Ryan Wong
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The Selection Process

  • Rennie Advisors take ownership of their business and are accountable to themselves, their clients and the brokerage.
  • Rennie Advisors build their business through commitment to both Rennie and personal visions / goals – they project an image of themselves and Rennie as leaders in the industry.
  • Rennie Advisors work cooperatively and effectively with others to provide an outstanding client experience.
  • Rennie Advisors differentiate themselves as trusted, industry and market experts – they are leaders in each transaction, providing a client service experience unique in the industry.


As a culture-focused organization, we invest in our team to cultivate a passionate, connected group of diverse individuals. From our monthly Lunch & Learns to our regular yoga classes and Rennie Museum events, education and engagement are fundamental to our environment.

And just as we invest in building strong relationships within the organization, our team invests in building longstanding relationships with their clients and the communities in which they engage.


We understand how precious time is for Realtors. That’s why we developed a best-in-class marketing and technology platform, designed to make it easier for our Advisors to generate leads, create marketing materials, take care of their administration and promote their listings. This leaves them time to build and maintain those important face-to-face relationships – and, most importantly, time for work / life balance.

Technology Platform


We strive to grow the relationships we have with our Advisors by offering a continually expanding platform for our Advisors to stand on. To achieve this, our leadership team provides business development support, as well as ongoing training sessions, legal updates, market reports, marketing seminars and administrative supports. You have 24/7 access to members of the leadership team, along with support from the marketing, conveyancing and administrative teams.


4 pillars for success

A comprehensive professional and personal interactive training program focused on knowledge, leads, goals and systems, setting you up to be a best-in-class agent equipped to deal with the ever-changing needs of the industry.


1-to-1 focused mentoring

The leadership team is always on hand to meet with Advisors to discuss legal, marketing and digital, conveyancing and business growth on a one-to-one basis.


20+ annual events

From golf days, team bonding sessions and our annual Rennie BBQ to R&A softball tournaments and kids events, we know all work and no play makes Rennie a dull place, indeed.

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Market Expertise

We always keep our ear to the ground by frequently gathering information from our sales centres spread across the city, our Advisors in the living rooms of their clients and our external resources that we tap on the shoulder. In addition to the data we pull through MLS listings, sales activity numbers, customized Salesforce platform and website traffic analytics, we have the right channels in place to gather vasts amounts of market intel.

We in turn synthesize all this data to distribute to our team, ensuring we as an entire organization continue to all work from the same information individually received and are positioned as true market experts.

"Ever since day one working for Rennie & Associates Realty, they have made me feel like their own son. They have supported me, encouraged me, and gave me everything I wanted. The people and the atmosphere are what I look for in a brokerage, and this brokerage has never let me down." — John Tsai, Rennie Advisor since 2008