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New Development Sales & Marketing

Rennie’s Project Marketing Division has continuously moved the dial in marketing and sales for the real estate development industry across North America since 1990.

The Rennie Advantage

In close to four decades of doing business, our Project Marketing Division has had the incredible opportunity to work with a spectrum of boutique to major developers, helping them see their projects through land acquisition, conception and execution. Our clients’ success is our success, resulting in billions in sales for our developers and is a number we proudly stand behind.

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    In 2015, we sold over $1 billion in pre-sale real estate across a portfolio of 21 projects. We pre-sell an average of 1,500 homes per year.

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    From developments with 25 townhomes, to masterplan communities with 25 towers, we’ve done and seen it all. We’ve partnered and had great success with First Nations groups, public sector agencies, family owned developers, pension fund investors, developers based abroad and many other groups.

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    Range of Services

    With over 45 experts on the project marketing team, our interdisciplinary approach includes market feasibility, project management, building and unit design, brand development, marketing strategy, sales delivery, performance analytics, conveyancing and customer after-care support.

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    Sales Strength

    A true extension of any of our marketing campaigns is our sales division. We have trained and developed over 100+ sales advisors (including Medallion Club top producers) onto successful careers in real estate. Our training and breadth of sales activity means our sales people bring up-to-date market knowledge to each sales centre.

Chis Vollan - Rize Alliance
Beyond a very well defined process anchored by deep market knowledge, creativity and a passion for their work, the Rennie team is keenly focused on the needs and desires of the Vancouver homeowner. This - combined with their ability to engage with our philosophy, drivers (and quirks) - has made our work with RMS remarkably enjoyable. — Chis Vollan, Rize Alliance Properties Ltd.

Tailored Process

Our first step is surveying the marketplace and understanding its underlying current. From there, we work to understand your goals and objectives, sales absorption, product design and pricing targets. Once we have a solid understanding of what’s required, we build out a project team, from sales and marketing to interior designer and creative agencies. We work from day one to mitigate risk, build efficiency and achieve success.

  • Project Discovery & Product Design

    Looking to design the right product for current market conditions and buyer demand, we provide expert consultation on buyer demographics, market movement and competition analysis to hit the right building design suite mix and price point, ensuring a well-positioned program.

  • Brand Creation

    We understand that brand is the unspoken communication of an experience. Whether it be a development name, logo, brochure, sales centre or website, we work to weave in a seamless lifestyle undertone that a project portrays, emotionally connecting with the consumer.

  • Integrated Marketing

    We work to build a tailored marketing program to position your project for success. From generating a qualified database and planning launch events to creating strategic print and digital ad campaigns, monitoring strategy based on preset KPIs and benchmarks.

  • Sales Centre Design and Launch

    With over 150 sales centres under our belt, we know consumer experience and sales flow. Opening sales day is the chaos we’ve grown to love and manage. Getting people there is one thing; keeping them interested while in the sales centre is an artform we’ve perfected.

  • Sales Team and Agent Support

    Marketing is only as strong as its sales – we understand the integral part a sales team plays in the process. All team members are well trained and kept in the loop of the marketing and sales program, ensuring they are working with current information.

  • Conveyancing and Customer After-Care

    We manage all aspects of the Conveyancing process: contracts, disclosure statements, deposit collection and lawyer selection, up until home handover. Our job isn’t done until the last unit has been sold and the buyer has taken possession.


  • Bob Rennie

    Bob Rennie

    Executive Director, Founder
  • Tracie McTavish

    Tracie McTavish

    Executive Director
  • Greg Zayadi

    Greg Zayadi

    Senior Vice President
  • Kevin Wong

    Kevin Wong

    Executive Director of Operations
  • AndySeto_Candid_Tile

    Andy Seto

    Director, Sales Systems
  • David Magnan

    David Magnan

    Director of Sales, Alberta
  • Rennie Marketing Systems Chantal Zhang

    Chantal Zhang

    Project Director
  • JackBernard_Candid_Tile

    Jack Bernard

    Project Sales Director
GableCraft Homes Bridgeland Crossings
Rennie is a collaboration of the best minds in real estate; its depth enables us to have best-in-class sales and marketing. They truly are a development partner that acts in the sole interest of our goals. — Alex Ferguson, GableCraft Homes