Preparing a Home for Sale in the Winter

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Shorter days, cooler temperatures and less greenery – the results of winter – can make home-selling more challenging. Thankfully, due to less competition and serious buyers, the right prep can make winter a great time to sell. Combatting the shifts in the season with proper preparation can make your home a cozy, inviting space sure to win over any buyer.

Here are four tips to prepare your home for sale in the winter.

Combat Lighting

During the shortest days of winter, it can be downright dark by 5 pm. Presenting a well-lit home will ensure it is seen in the best light. While a great Realtor should ensure a home is well lit when showing their clients, they may lack familiarity with switches etc.

When considering lighting, work from the outside in. Ensure that the driveway or pathway has lighting in addition to the front entry. Inside, pay special attention to any dark areas – turn on under cabinet lighting, lamps, and overhead lighting fixtures.

Because showing appointments creep up unexpectedly, investing in timer switches can be beneficial. Set timers to turn lights on just ahead of dusk, and turn off in the late evening. Timers will ensure that the lighting is always at it’s best and remove the burden of running home to prep for any showing appointment.

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Winter is not the optimal time for landscaping efforts, but this does not mean it should be ignored. Driveways should be clear, and the yard should be tidy. In snowy conditions, make sure the driveway is shoveled or plowed. If you are unable to do the work, consider asking a neighbor during the time that your home is for sale. Clear leaves, branches, and other debris from the yard – do this regularly. While it may be challenging to mow the lawn, removing excess foliage will present a well-cared for home.

Pay Attention to the Temperature

Walking into a warm home is exceptionally inviting when coming inside from the cold. If bathrooms or other living areas have heated floors, make sure to turn them on. Also, running the fireplace (gas or electric) enhances the cozy factor.

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The Small Details

When your home is for sale, it is essential that any prospective buyer feels at home during a viewing appointment. When given ample notice, consider baking cookies or bread just ahead of the viewing appointment. For most of us, the smell of fresh baking is inviting. Playing quiet music and lighting candles can also make the space irresistible. To keep things tidy, add a scraper mat to the front door helping to keep the exterior debris out while maintaining a tidy space within.

To sell a home in winter, ensure it is well lit, the landscaping is attended to, the space is warm, and there is a great sense of ambiance. While market activity might dip in the winter, the great news is that the buyers are keen and ready to buy.

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