Is Vancouver a Feng Shui-Friendly City?

coal harbour aerial shot overlooking water condos and boats

“On the water and surrounded by mountains” sounds like Vancouver, doesn’t it? This phrase also describes the strategic placement of cities built on feng shui principles, including Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The basis of feng shui is that energy, called Qi, flows everywhere and impacts people’s emotional, psychological and physical health. Feng shui is the art of designing spaces to keep Qi moving freely.

Vancouver is known for having a strong South Asian heritage. Its location and history have certainly influenced urban design here, but is Vancouver a feng shui-friendly city?

In the spirit of the Lunar New Year (often called Chinese New Year), here are some ancient feng shui principles reflected in our modern metropolis.

Keep Yin and Yang energy in balance

Yin and Yang are opposite, complementary forces in nature. Yin energy is said to be dark, calming, cool and intimate. Yang energy is bright, exciting and social.

A place with too much Yin influence, such as an empty field or parking lot, will feel unsettling or boring. However, spaces with too much Yang, such as bedrooms filled with bright, bold colours, can cause high stress and exhaustion. As such, it’s best to keep the two in balance.

Vancouver urban design:

Vancouver’s vibrant city life makes it an incredible place to go out and socialize. This energetic Yang energy is balanced by the Yin of the city’s natural parks, quiet residential streets and intimate cafes… not to mention its yoga studios and serene beach sunsets.

Vancouver residential design:

When it comes to local housing, Yin and Yang are often balanced using layouts and colours. Many Vancouver homes complement calming neutral whites and greys with bold splashes of colour and strong black accents.

Spaces are also built to serve both social Yang and relaxing Yin energies. You’ll find epic patios designed to be as perfect for parties as they are for cozy sunsets with a glass of wine.

Focus a space around a centre

In feng shui, energy starts from a central location and moves outwards. Thus, home design needs to incorporate focal points, and cities should have a core area that people can flow in and out from easily.

Vancouver urban design:

The City of Vancouver is centralized and accessible, spreading out from the downtown core. Starting at the city centre, fun and diverse neighbourhoods stretch outwards and offer their own unique flair.

Also, the incredible public transit options available allow smooth and quick travel between the heart of the city and its outlying areas. On a larger scale, Vancouver’s award-winning airport, ferries and proximity to the U.S. border make it a major hub for travel.

Vancouver residential design:

Vancouver’s home design features strong focal points. From captivating fireplace mantles to bold kitchen islands, homes in this city tend to have a definitive central focus from which their style flows.

Incorporate the five essential elements

Water, fire, wood, earth and metal are life’s building blocks in feng shui philosophy. Like Yin and Yang, they exist in balance with each other. Design must incorporate each of these elements in order to keep Qi energy stable.

Vancouver urban design:

When it comes to the five essential elements of feng shui, Vancouver has it all. Water, fire, wood, earth and metal: Vancouver is surrounded by water, bears the Olympic torch and nearby hot springs, is full of tree-lined streets and parks, plans to be the earth’s greenest city by 2020 and has gleaming modern buildings and homes.

Vancouver residential design:

Vancouver‘s home design reflects the five elements. You’ll discover homes with stone fireplaces and marble flooring, wooden cupboards, soaker tubs, open air fire pits, outdoor spaces with greenery and modern metal accents.

Based on these three fundamental feng shui elements, Vancouver homes score as high as the city’s glass towers. To start off the Lunar New Year, see if these principles could make your home feel as balanced as our feng shui-fashioned city.

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Meeting the fundamental elements of feng shui is one thing, by why else does Vancouver score so highly when it comes to liveability?

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