Preparing a Home for Sale and the Importance of Staging

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Taking the time to properly prepare a home before listing it for sale can reduce the time on market, maximize the selling price, and reduce the required number of showings. In addition, proper prep work can help ensure that your property shows better than your competition. Not sure of where to get started? Below are four ways to prep your home for sale.

Clean Up

Any home for sale should be tidy on the inside and outside. When approaching your home from the outside, take note of the general curb appeal. If there is lawn, ensure it is cut, well-watered, and green. Often, edging (creating a clean, crisp, edge) can give the look of a well-manicured property. If leaves have fallen, ensure they are cleaned up. If yard work is not your forte, or you simply do not have the time, consider hiring a landscaping company to prepare and to maintain the yard during the selling process. Moving inside to the interior of your home, ensure that floors are swept, vacuumed and mopped. Surfaces should be dusted and windows wiped.

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Aside from a clean and tidy exterior and interior, a home free of clutter presents more spaciously while keeping the buyer focused on the property itself. For example, a closet stuffed full of clothes or stored items may convey limited storage. It is best to use for-sale prep as the time to get rid of items no longer in use. Consider garbage, donation, or the sale of any items rarely used. In addition, reduce items stored on countertops – placing them away in cupboards instead.


It is important that any potential buyer can imagine themselves living in your home. As such, it is crucial that personal photos, awards, and trophies are tucked away. As a rule, someone viewing your home should not be able to discern much about the current inhabitants. Personal effects act as a distraction to a prospective buyer and do not allow them the opportunity to imagine their new life in your home.

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Consider Staging

Staging services are often thought of when a to be home-for-sale is left vacant. However, staging is much more dynamic in nature. Staging specialists can work with your existing furnishings to rearrange items maximizing views or the general layout of the room. They may provide first impressions and point out areas needing a minor repair or some form of a refresh. And, in some cases, they may introduce or replace existing furniture.

Staging places a home in its best light – giving a potential buyer a glimpse at how they might use the space, adding a focus on maximizing views and natural light, and modernizing when necessary.

If you are feeling creative, renting your own furniture is possible. In addition to staging and design services, businesses such as Urban Presentations, Flow Home Staging, Miix Interiors and Home Ingredients provide furniture rentals.

Before placing your home for sale, ensure to clean-up, declutter, depersonalize and stage. Proper preparation will enhance the likelihood of a quick sale, receipt of top dollar, and minimal required viewings.

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