How to Prepare Your House for a Quick and Easy Sell

When it comes to getting your house ready to show, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in where to start or what to prioritize. You want your home to fetch top dollar and look it’s best for potential buyers, but what are the must-dos to ensure a quick and easy sell?

Handling hundreds of home sales per year, we’ve seen what really makes a difference when preparing your house, or condo for sale. There are certain things you can do leading up to showings that will put your home’s best foot forward and alleviate some of the stress that can come along with getting your space in tip-top shape.

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Start From the Outside In

Your home’s curb appeal is the first impression with buyers. Sales Director, Janet Miller offers this insight: “people buy a house from the outside in”. With that in mind, evaluate how your home’s curb appeal is stacking up. Some easy and inexpensive touches here and there can set the right tone for buyers and leave a lasting positive impression of your property and even increase its value.

Beyond keeping the yard tidy and keeping the lawn or garden well-kept, one of the easiest ways to attract buyers before they even set foot inside is to spruce up your front door area. Draw buyers in by adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door, or making sure it’s clean and free of scuffs. Attractive seasonal planters full of fresh flowers will instantly make your home more appealing and a welcoming door mat will bring it all together.

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Apply the “3 Ds”

From the minute a buyer sees your home they will be asking themselves if they can see themselves living there. Neutralize your space and let buyers envision it as theirs by applying the 3 D’s:

Declutter, depersonalize and deodorize.

Show off your home’s features and create a sense of spaciousness by removing clutter. Put away all personal items, especially from countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms. This means small appliances, any knick-knacks, and all toiletries. Showcase storage by efficiently storing clothing, electronics, and toys properly. Keep things fresh with all garbages being emptied and removing pets from your house during showings. Make sure curtains are open and windows are washed – buyers love light and airy spaces.

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Put Yourself in Buyers’ Shoes

A major consideration for most buyers is how much money they might have to spend on improvements or refurbishments. Buyers pay more for a home that has been well maintained, kept up-to-date and is move-in ready.

Objectively take a walk through your house pretending you’re a prospective buyer. Look for any quick updates needed such as a coat of paint here or there, a light fixture that needs replacing or any hardware that can be swapped out for an instant update. Make sure furniture is arranged in a way that enhances your home’s layout and gives each space a purpose.

As a day-of final touch, show buyers how great the neighbourhood is by having some local refreshments or treats on offer.

Feeling overwhelmed? Our Rennie Advisors specialize in every neighbourhood across the Lower Mainland. To set your house apart from the competition, increase its value and ensure a quick and easy sell, connect with one of our Advisors today at

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