How To Entertain Family In A Small Space

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Smaller spaces often act as a hindrance to both entertaining and accommodating overnight guests. Limited space and sleeping arrangements in smaller spaces can be discouraging, especially over the holiday season. While it is not always easy to accommodate additional guests, planning in advance and the right furniture can make your small space exceptionally versatile. Here are seven tips for entertaining in a small space over the holidays.

Choose a Dual Functioning Sofa

While the aesthetic and fabric are important for overall design, the ability to convert into a bed is crucial for hosting overnight guests and should never be overlooked. Two styles are common – pullouts and futon. No matter the style you choose, ensure you could host at least two overnight guests on your chosen sofa bed.

Ask for Help

Since larger homes may have kitchens tucked away from entertainment areas, the cleanliness of the kitchen, when cooking, is less important. However, cooking and entertaining in a small space is more challenging because many newer homes feature open concept living spaces – with the mess of the kitchen exposed to guests. For this reason, it can be helpful to request close friends to help you out when entertaining. Consider asking friends to help by preparing food, cleaning dishes, and tidying up.

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Embrace the Rearrangement of your Furniture

Once furniture has been put in place after moving in, homeowners often lose their creativity in switching up the placement of furniture for specific events. If you want to host a large dinner party with more guests than your dining table will accommodate, consider moving armchairs and even the sofa out of the way. With more living space available it would then be possible to set up another temporary table and chairs.

Use Rentals or Disposables

Due to limited storage in smaller spaces, your place settings might be limited too. If you host a larger-than-normal gathering, consider using higher-end disposable place settings. The use of disposables will nearly eliminate clean-up time while ensuring every guest has a full setting. Alternatively, consider renting extra dinnerware from a party supply company.

An Abundance of Side Tables

Most dinner parties include each guest holding some kind of beverage in their hand and there is nothing more challenging than sitting down to visit and not having anywhere to place your drink. Ensure that guests not sitting near the coffee table, bar top or table have somewhere to place their drinks. Having an abundance of side tables is a great way to ensure every guest is comfortable no matter where they sit.

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Depending on the budget, catering a small space event could be the best way to reduce your time spent in the kitchen and instead spend quality time with guests. Not only is great food nearly guaranteed, but dirty dishes can be thrown in a collection bin.

Get out!

Create a list of holiday events happening near you. If you and your guests get cagey, you are prepared with a list of activities that you can collectively decide on. Bundle up, get some fresh air, stretch your legs and hope for a winter wonderland!

The Bottom Line

Remember that your small space is as versatile as your creativity will allow. Paying special attention to any furniture you purchase and the willingness to shuffle it around will ensure that your guests are comfortable at any event hosted by you.

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