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Arts & the Wing Sang

Rennie Museum is located in the historic Wing Sang building. It showcases works from Rennie Collection, an internationally renowned collection of contemporary art.


Rennie Museum opened in October 2009 to feature art from Rennie Collection. The dynamic exhibitions, showcasing works by artists from around the world, are open free to the public through engaging guided tours. The museum’s commitment to providing access to arts and culture is also expressed through its education program, which offers free age-appropriate tours and customized workshops to children of all ages.


Rennie Museum is refreshing!

After 8 years of dynamic exhibitions, we are taking the opportunity to renew our gallery spaces, and to develop fresh and inspiring ways for visitors to experience the internationally acclaimed Rennie Collection of contemporary art. A new Rennie Museum exhibition will be open to public late Spring 2018. While updates are being made, Rennie Museum will present some special activities and programs over the next few months.



Rennie Collection, one of the largest collections of contemporary art in Canada, has evolved over a number of years to focus on works related to identity, social commentary and injustice, appropriation, painting and photography. The Collection is dedicated to the acquisition of both emerging and established international artists. Currently there are approximately 48 artists collected in depth with over 370 artists in total.

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The Wing Sang building is the oldest in Vancouver Chinatown. The Victorian Italianate structure located at 51 East Pender Street was constructed in 1889 for Yip Sang, a prominent Chinese-Canadian businessman whose Wing Sang Company flourished in an era when the Chinese faced discrimination and restrictions.

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    In 1901 the building was extended to 69 East Pender Street by architect Thomas Ennor Julian (best known for Holy Rosary Cathedral).
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    In 1912, Yip Sang built a six-storey brick building across the alley behind Pender Street for his family.
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    An elevated passageway connected the two buildings. Beneath it ran Market Alley, a once thriving retail area with small shops and services which also served as a former center for the production of opium (legal in Canada until 1909).
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    The building has had a rich and varied history and contains the oldest schoolroom in Vancouver. Wing Sang Building acquired historical preservation and heritage designation by the City of Vancouver in 1999.


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    Bob Rennie

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    Carey Fouks

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    Wendy Chang

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    Cemre Demiralp

    Museum Manager
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    Erin Watkins

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    Morgan Bath

    Exhibition Technician
Rennie Museum started as an extension of our living room, where we entertain; it’ll just be for us. And then we thought, no; we have a duty to these artists to display it to the public. — Bob Rennie